2013 Chill Out in the Gymnasium Schillerstrasse Feldkirch, Austria


By chance, I was asked to make a proposal for a Chill Out Area in the school where my daughter was studying. The elder students needed a place to “chill”, and the space available was an open space by the stairs. The space had to remain open, because of the Fire Regulations, but at the same time, some kind of “privacy” had to be provided.

The proposal consisted in two areas separated by a “Biombo”, a folding wall which could be used as a support for exhibitions. An Standing-Area with high tables offered the possibility of sharing a time while having a drink or a meal, and the Laying-Area, where some carpets with different forms and colours and some “pous” or Sitzsäcke invited the students to gather in small groups protected in some way from direct views.

The collaboration of the Director of the School, Herr Konzett, and the Parents Association, particularly its responsible at that time, Maria Lackinger, made it possible.