2016 One Family House Schaan, Liechtenstein

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Step by step this house has been gradually reaching its own personality. At the very beginning, the most important idea was the in-between space; a place as a space-cushion between inside and outside, that we considered our personal „spanish contribution“, if we can use that term, opposed to a local view of architecture, more focussed in the rotundity of volumes and a bit affraid to break the paralelepipedic form. This space between was defined in the groundfloor by a broken line of huge windows towards West and the garden, and in section, by different hights of the terraces’ floor slabs. This idea, that still remains as an essential part of the project, now shares its prominence with the greater idea of series of rooms and flowing paths, where we strengthen relations, proportions and harmony among the different spaces of the house, giving these walkthroughs a special and vital character.