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Gloria Ochoa and Víctor Olmos are a couple of architects with a lot of experience. Together we have designed and built a wide range of projects, from single-family and collective housing, to educational buildings, offices and hospitals; we have carried out new buildings and refurbishments, and we have worked in Spain, our country of origin, as well as in Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg, Austria, where we decided to move to in 2013.
In our projects we always start with respect for the site and care for the context. We endeavour to design efficiently and functionally, looking for solutions that last over time and provide beauty and comfort. There are some very important aspects in our architecture, like clarity in the organisation of spaces, quality of the places in between, life indoors and outdoors, as well as materials, colours, transparency and light.
We are both members of Madrid´s Association of Architects, COAM, and Gloria Ochoa is also a member of the AK of Tyrol and Vorarlberg.










Publications / Exhibitions

Publications and exhibitions on projects and buildings

House in Schaan

  • 2023     Leben und Wohnen VN (Vorarlberger Nachrichten) Feb 2023. Interview by Verena Konrad (VAI) with Gloria Ochoa: “Spanische Grandeza” 
  • 2022     Wirtschaftregional Jahresmagazin 2022. Interview with Gloria Ochoa and Víctor Olmos: “Im Hausbau wird ein umdenken stattfinden müssen” 
  • 2022     Journal Architekturwettbewerbe. Nov 2022. “Wo Lebensräume verschmelzen” 
  • 2022     AUSZEICHNUNG des Produkts FARINA with our project in Schaan in the Competition “Lösungen des Jahres” CALLWEY, January 2022
  • 2021     Buen and Wohnen (Vaterlandmagazin) March 2021 “Wohnen deinen Traum”
  • 2019     POTENTIALE (Feldkirch) “Was brauchen wir zum wohnen und was nicht”. Gloria Ochoa, Architektin.

Headquarters FIDAMC

  • 2010     Vía Construcción nº 80, mayo 2010. Sección Proyectos y Obras.
  • 2011     Digital Magazines: Construarea, Metros2 on line, y Elektroprofesional.

119 Social Housing in SANCHINARRO

  • 2007     ON DISEÑO nº 279
  • 2006     Nueva Guía de la Arquitectura de Madrid. Fundación COAM.
  • 2005     Libro Madrid 2003-2005. Ed. Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda de Madrid
  • 2005     I Premio ENOR de Arquitectura
  • 2005     “Vivienda Colectiva” Ed. Pencil.
  • 2003     “12 Concursos de Arquitectura 2001-2002” (Volumen III) Ed. EMVS

Social Housing for Young People in VIGO

  • 2007     OBRADOIRO nº 32
  • 2005     Exhibition by IGVS in Barcelona Meeting Point.
  • 2005     I Premio ENOR de Arquitectura.
  • 2003     Arquitectos, CSCAE nº 168
  • 1997     Costes y Datos de Edificación nº 7
  • 1995     Concurso en Obradoiro nº 25.

Office Building EF-2000 in GETAFE

  • 2005     Libro “Nuevas Oficinas” Ed. Munilla-Lería
  • 2003     Libro “New offices”. Editorial Loft Publications.
  • 2003     Exhibition “OBRA RECIENTE, OLMOS OCHOA” en la Fundación Cultural COAM

Teaching / Research


As Associate Professor Victor Olmos has taught for more than twenty years Design Projects in the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). He has also been invited as lecturer or critic in a number of academic institutions, congresses and simpossiums, nationally and internationally. Among them, the Berlage Institut, the Technische Universität München and the Universität Liechtenstein.

Between 2010 and 2013 Gloria Ochoa has taught at the department of Construction of the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid


During the two academic semesters 2013-2014 Victor Olmos has been invited as researcher at the ETH Zürich Department of Architecture by the Chair of Dietmar Eberle and the ETH Wohnforum’s director Margrit Hugentobler. He has been responsible for the project “Site Intelligence”, studies of vernacular architecture in relation to sustainability criteria, with the aim of documenting and testing a range of case-studies in different sites. He had developed a wide net of cooperators and institutions all over the world.

Victor Olmos had belonged to the research groups ARKRIT (architectural critic) and CULTURAL LANDSCAPE (World Architectural and Landscape Heritage) with whom he had collaborated and participated in the international congresses CRITICALL (International Conference of Architectural Design and Criticism) and EURAU 08 and EURAU 12 (European Symposium on Research in Architecture and Urban Design)





Toledo’s new Hospital

  • 2004     Nuevo Hospital de Toledo. Editado por el SESCAM
  • 2003     “Pasajes” (Suplemento de Castilla-La Mancha) nº 9

Social Housing in VALLECAS

  • 2006     Nueva Guía de la Arquitectura de Madrid. Fundación COAM.
  • 1995     “Nueva Edificación”, Editado por la EMVS
  • 1990     Revista Arquitectura nº 293.


  • 1991     Arquitectura nº 305.
  • 1992     Costes y datos de Edificación nº7
  • 1992     Madrid-Circuitos 1980-1997


Along our career we have collaborated, together or individually, with different offices: Enrique Bardají (Madrid), Víctor López Cotelo (Madrid), Ralph and Doris Thut (Munich), Juan Barrado (Madrid) and Baumschlager Eberle (Austria and Liechtenstein).

As partners we have been taken part of many teams: with Angel Panero or Rafael Medina, with offices like Milla Mira Marco (Madrid) or recently with Urs Hüssy and Uli Mayer (Triesen, Liechtenstein).

pdf “In praise of Built Architecture” selected works 1990-2013

pdf VO Doctoral Thesis. “Vivencias y divisiones. El Gimnasio Maravillas de Alejandro de la Sota” ETSAM 2010

















  • 2005    Exhibition Nueva Sede para el COAG en Vigo. Fundación Caixa Galicia, en Vigo.
  • 2004    Edited Book OLMOS OCHOA ARQUITECTOS (2000-2003).
  • 2005    Sede de Consejerías en Mérida. Editado por la Junta de Extremadura
  • 2002    Centro de Cirugía Mínima Invasión, Cáceres. Junta de Extremadura.
  • 1995    Catálogo de la Exposición de las Propuestas para el Teatro Ramos Carrión, Zamora.
  • 1994    Biblioteca Pública en Torrejón de Ardoz. Arquitectos nº 136.
  • 1990    “50 Ideas para el Parque Deportivo Puerta de Hierro”
  • 1989     Collective Exhibition en la Sala de Vacas del Retiro (Madrid), Concurso de Ideas para el Museo de San Isidro.
  • 1988    Concurso de Ideas Viviendas Plaza de Ópera, Arquitectura nº 274.
  • 1986    Concurso de Ideas para intervención en las Murallas de León, Sector Romano, Arquitectura, nº 266