Jun 2022. The City Through a Female Lens

Jun 2022. The City Through a Female Lens

The exhibition at Martinsturm in Bregenz (June-October 2022) presents the project “Platz da! Mädchen* gestalten Stadt.” (“Girls* design the city”), in which girls and young women present a counter-design to the male-dominated urban planning. “Platz da!” is a project of the Amazone Association in cooperation with the architects Catharina Fineder and Gloria Ochoa, the Department of Women and Equality of Bregenz and the VAI (Vorarlberger Architekturinstitut).

During the workshops, we wanted to make visible the girls’ view of the city of Bregenz, in order to give them a voice for the design of the city. After a short, general introduction to the working methods and aspects of urban planning, they recorded their view of the city of Bregenz with photos and keywords in a chat, and their demands on the city became very recognisable. Safety, hygiene and a better and more varied public space for young people are the girls’ main concerns.

Topics such as orientation, mixing, equipped, visible and inviting environment, mobility and safety were addressed with examples from Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen and Barcelona, among others.

Using the technique of collage, these wishes were further elaborated as utopian atmospheres and finally translated into their own design proposals in two architectural models made by Olmos Ochoa architects.

The result shows the wish for more safety in areas that are obstacles for them at nightfall. They suggest more places for youth groups with benches, diversity and creativity in outdoor meeting places, more diverse uses where now only walking is planned, more green and public places for young people, integrating the inner courtyards in the city through, better signposting of the paths and more dignified and well-lit WC_places and paths.

Photo: Udo Mittelberger