1992-1996 Pelayos de la Presa Town Hall, Madrid


The new Town Hall of Pelayos de la Presa, a small village at the southwest of Madrid, tries to react to the different circumstances of its location. On one side, it offers its main façade and its entrance to the Plaza, facing South, the daily meeting point, the place for the important events of the village. At the west side of the building the Ancha Street (which means Broadway), serves to ease the crowd concentrations that gather at the Plaza during festivities.

Towards the street, architecture tries to reach the objective with the minimum quantity of structure along with some representative elements like the balcony or the clock. In contrast to the severe exterior, there is a bright, colorfull and smooth interior, which imcludes large rooms, such as the double-high of the hall common room or diagonal wvies seeking the participation and identification of its users.