1995-2004 Social housing for young people in Vigo


These dwellings were designed taking into account the characteristics of the site, such as topography and the scale of the environment, history and social relationships. The structural systems, as long as the evacuation of rain water, the orientation, the sun exposure, the natural lighting and ventilation were carefully chosen focusing the future, the maintenance and the energetic demand.

The plot has a height difference of 15,00 meters, and It is located in the upper section of the old centre of the town, among traditional stone buildings in quite a poor condition. The project prolongs the outer roads towards the interior of the plot opening new routes that connect the four building complex. In addition, the steep slope led us to observe new relationships between the edifices and the ground contributing to the quality of the open areas. The volumes of the houses, that laid on the north partition property walls, also set back in order to obtain better sunlight and to look for double orientations, valuing the views and relations with the landscape. The complex is completed with several community premises whose roof garden preserves the green character of the unbuilt interior of the surrounding plots.

Materials and the scale of the construction are the other two components which contribute to integrate these new buildings into the context. And to look as if they had been there for ever.