1996-2000 Clinic Jerez. ASISA, Jerez de la Frontera


This project is the result of a team’s work of a group of medical doctors, technicians and architects. The complexity of the relationships between functions and circulating spaces define the formal solutions; every functional requirement has to find its own position; the project deals with the dimensions of the rooms, the size of each technical area, the adjusted proportions and relationships between main areas and circulating areas, and the result of it is a compact and well-organized building.

One of the most interesting approaches of this project is to have designed an average patient room. Its shape is the consequence of the needed circulation of the patient, medical staff, relatives and visitors, and issues related to the orientation, size of the windows, doors, bathroom and wardrobes. This project also shows the optimum number of rooms for each medical vigilance unit and the optimum number of medical vigilance units per floor. 

However, architecture attends the specific conditions and resources of a place. Jerez introduces us to tradition and knowledge of noble buildings, palaces’ sandstone facades with few windows, enclosure white patios, shield with upper screens and full of plants, that ensure privacy and micro-climate as a source of fresh air in this warm area; sharp volumes defined by the blue sky and the strongest shadows.