1998-2003 Clinic Santa Isabel. ASISA, Seville


The aim of this project was to adequate the Clinic of Santa Isabel in Seville to new demands and to solve, with a global concept, a number of different problems derived from many particular interventions. Among several interventions, the main work was to arise a new building substituting an old one, providing a better connection and integration among all the services. According to urban regulations, the new building had to maintain the same area aboveground  level of the demolished one, but its area could be increased underground with two cellars for storage rooms, parking places and facilities as a central-court of the Clinic.

In order to achieve these objectives, during the work, there were several shipments of uses, new ones were included, the internal circulation was markedly improved, and almost all the facilities were renewed. In addition, constructions were improved as long as the insulation and air tightness conditions of the building, adapting it to current standards.

These actions contributed to solve numerous problems directly related to the Clinic’s functions. Renovated areas as ICU (Intensive Care Unit), Surgery Block, Radiology, Emergency and rooms for Hospitalisation areas were designed.