2000-2002 EF-2000 Headquarters. EADS / CASA, Getafe


We were asked to design a new building next to another one and both stacked to a hangar of aircraft. The project followed the lines marked by the existing structures but, at the same time, visible independent from them. Some elements contribute to this attitude: a huge canopy emphasises the entrance and protects it from sun and rain; a beautiful main staircase with a characteristic light wheel, and a subtle bending of the facade to the south side that gives certain style to the silhouette of the edifice.

Divided into different levels, the offices are located in the top two floors and laboratories at the bottom. Versatility and functionality were the keys to design the interiors. Services areas such as bathrooms, rest areas, and facilities are centralised around the main staircase. This nucleus can be seen as a large wooden-glass box from the offices.

Inside, the use of different materials and colours (red stucco, white Carrara marble, black metal elements, glass and wood) sets the building apart and gives it a singular character.