2003-2006 Multi-purpose building and VIP dinning rooms EADS / CASA, Getafe


The client’s demands for the EADS factory in Getafe were to provide spaces for common services such as dining halls, kitchen, changing and meeting rooms. After some proposals, the demands were attended annexing two buildings, in two steps of construction, to the existing volume of the dining and kitchen’s edifice, solving the complexity of connections and circulations. 

The first building is the extension of the staff dinning room, and it was planned to be executed in a short period of time. It has a rectangular plan covered with a metallic structure of 18,00m long beams and a concrete slab for the foundation. The new volume is connected with the old one through a small patio. The interior is completely clear, free of vertical pillars, and the windows are planned so the diners would enjoy the view of the exterior gardens. In order to treat acoustically such a big and usually noisy place, the project takes care of the materials of floors, interior walls and ceilings. The purpose of the second building was to integrate the whole complex. It was constructed parallel, and houses in the ground floor several dining rooms for VIP clients, and a multipurpose area in the first floor with its own entrance from the street. In addition, the project completes the service area of the kitchen and changing rooms, organises the basement with new storage premises and centralises the facilities.

Both buildings were constructed using the same language in order to unify the image: brick facades with a large window surface and using metallic panels for the shell of service’s areas, as if it were the machine that gathers all the complex work.