2019-2022 Housing Units in Nenzing, Austria, for RIVA HOME

The following basic concepts determine our work:
Building contemporary architecture in village structures, contact with the surrounding countryside and nature with a wide view, respecting certain scales and the spaces in between, favouring collective spaces, and a central area as a meeting point. Affordable and attractive housing for young people with a distinct quality of life in the village.

The project develops a programme of 24 flats in 5 houses of max. 500 m2 each. With the special characteristic of the lid-flat type, a townhouse model has been developed that allows the side facades of the houses to be better used and designed. The building structures are oriented to have an open view of the landscape and adapted to the topography of the terrain.
The outdoor spaces between the five houses, free of traffic, become small meeting places (village squares) for the neighbours and a playground for the children. Two underground garages with 10 parking spaces each are located in buildings C and D, 8 PP for visitors are located in the inner road at the north side of the site and 6 PP are located directly on Gurtnielwegstrasse. Covered bicycle storage rooms are located close to the access roads.
The five buildings are designed with small differences; colours and materials will add a personal touch to the houses.