2021 Open Competition. 3rd Prize_Praza da Igrexa, Vigo, Spain

There are three main guidelines that explain our project: 

1. Expansion of the public space of the Praza da Igrexa under the proposed building, as a porch, for multiple activities, uses and events, such as street markets, musical concerts, conferences, workshops or children’s games: A VERSATILE PUBLIC OPEN AIR SPACE INDOOR. 

2. A new, flexible and versatile building, constructively and technologically innovative, which follows intentionally the broken line of the plot, generating a new façade to the Praza da Igrexa. We propose a multifunctional space of great versatility on the first floor with a height of 4.50 metres, divisible into different spaces both in plan and in height: A VERSATILE PUBLIC SPACE, COVERED AND CLIMATIZED.

Aside the core of vertical communications there is a privileged viewpoint over the Ria de Vigo. From this volume there is an access to a new open-air space on the roof designed for different activities: A VERSATILE OPEN-AIR PUBLIC SPACE NOT COVERED.

3. Conservation and enhancement of the small building on the corner, with a commercial and residential use, both essential and a priority in the dynamics of urban renewal that we would like to highlight.