2021 Community Centre in Pfaffnau, Switzerland

The new Community Building and its surrounding Park and Square give Pfaffnau a centre and creates meeting places for people. In connection with its representative function, the compact volume resolutely faces the main street and creates a façade to define the space of the future village square. The building is open to the inhabitants of the village and to visitors. Permeability is achieved by a two-part division on the ground floor. Towards the main street, this passage forms a balcony and a ramp with visual axes towards the church and the new village square.

The programme is organised on three floors with two vertical communication cores. The façade has regularly modulated openings. The division of this structure is flexible and allows for different use units of variable size.

The park offers a play area, sun-protected seating and green areas. The network of paths forms spatial niches, clearings and raised platforms, each with its own ambience. The village square is conceived as a public space that will host various activities. This combination of spaces offers a wide variety of possibilities. Every season has its own main plant, which blooms in pink, pale pink or white.