2021_IMELGA Headquarters, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

A new public green space towards Rúa de Riga shades the presence of the new building towards the neighbourhood and creates a buffer of public use and biodiversity in front of the residential buildings, strengthening a green corridor in continuity with the Parque do Vieiro. 

The functional programme has been organised taking into account the topography, allowing direct access from the public space both on floor 0 and floor -1. 

The communication cores, installations and toilets are grouped together, alowing the rest of the areas around a courtyard. In this way, possible modifications due to programme changes can be dealt with in a flexible manner. The development of the executive project would let any adjustments that would be very easy to define.

The Autopsy Area and the Laboratories are oriented around a central courtyard of exclusive use and very restricted access, in which the essential privacy is guaranteed without renouncing the direct natural light and illumination of these spaces. The inner courtyard is a green area with plant elements and the presence of water: an attractive and comfortable place to improve the habitability and comfort of these highly specialised areas. 

Associated with the green roof floor, a room is planned for the reconciliation of work and family life, that could be eventually used as multifunctional area.