2022_Extension and over-elevation of a building in Innsbruck (Austria)

This is an extension in height and floor plan of three existing buildings from three different periods, in an architecturally relevant environment with the Ferdinand Museum and the Academic Gymnasium, which seeks to integrate naturally into the urban ensemble of Innsbruck’s centre.

This will be the new headquarters of Lebensraum Tirol Holding. Our project offers a homogeneous and uniform image through a clear and restrained language and a compact geometry. The extension is understood as a single, contemporary element on the existing cornice of the historic buildings.

The choice of a single material for the façade cladding “calms the noise”, reinforces the feeling of homogeneity and makes the construction of pitched roofs, dormers and ventilated façades compatible. In addition, this material will give life to the new facades and the environment, as it changes its appearance depending on the incidence of light.

Functionality. The new main entrance gives access to the office world of Tirol Holding via an extension of the existing staircase and a new lift. The reception area is located on the 2nd upper floor, as is the Gipfelsturmbüro, from which there is a good view of the surrounding mountains.

Construction. Timber construction, prefabrication, ecology, sustainability and regionality benefit the building and make it possible to shorten the construction phase and quickly bring the existing building back under roof.

Energy concept. As already planned by the competition organisers, an aerothermal heat pump will be installed on the third floor under the roof. Photovoltaic elements will be installed on the flat roof of the tower.