2022_Housing in Frastanz (Austria)

The plot occupies an elevated position, has a good orientation and remarkable views of the mountains and the city. But the geometry of its perimeter and the abrupt topography could be considered real design challenges.

The urban structure is characterised by single-family houses and farm buildings, naturally placed and spread across the landscape. It is possible to think of higher density typologies, as long as they take into account these criteria of integration into the given structure. 

The Project consists in two building volumes with an intermediate space that opens up new perspectives and ensures the continuity of the green space between them.

House 1 faces the street with a clear north-south orientation. House 2 also faces south and west. A generous green space in between can promote a good relationship among neighbours and serve as meeting point, since the entrances to the different blocks and the children’s playground can also be accessed from here. 

From Amerlügnerweg, a very direct entrance to the TG is planned in order to free the site from road traffic. For this reason, the access to the neighbouring property has also been moved to the West in order to shorten the access route. A “future” option is a possible agreement for the use of the TG also by the neighbours, so that above-ground vehicle path would not be necessary.

House 1 and House 2 have identical dimensions of 12.5 x 22.5 m, but the different levels on which they are built, as well as some variations in the interior layout, allow certain views and orientations, enrich the ensemble and distinguish them from each other.

In terms of materials, we thought about using wooden façades in shades of brown or grey and roofs made of metallic panels. The possibility of designing the façades with two different tones of plaster would also be a feasible option, as we believe that differentiating the two blocks will achieve better integration into the existing structure.