2022_Housing in Walkeweg, Basel, Switzerland

Creating a new neighbourhood for more than 300 people means taking into account the residents’ daily, complex relationships with each other and their surroundings.Life takes place on different levels, from the most private spaces to the public square. The more diverse these connections are, the richer our daily experiences. This graduation of spaces is the main theme of our proposal. The semi-open intermediate spaces are formulated as meeting places. Some of them will be transformed, at the request of the residents, into pleasant corners where one can chat with neighbours. The four buildings are subtly grouped in two pairs creating different atmospheres.

In the middle of the complex a central green space belongs to all four buildings, where contact with nature is the main focus, with large trees, and which serves as a link to the surrounding city. This space/park houses the kindergarten and other communal spaces. The café/shop faces Quartier Platz, a linear bench integrated into the building provides seating to enjoy the public square. On the opposite side of the complex, facing Walkeweg, are a coworking surface, a bike shop and the entrance to the underground car park. The construction system is based on wooden elements with an axial grid of 4.05 m that allows for a wide variety of housing-typologies. The load-bearing structure offer a certain flexibility to accommodate possible changes by the users. By systematising the openings, each room can be used as desired; no hierarchies are created. The users have the freedom to design their own flats, just like the outdoor areas, according to their own ideas.