2022_Row of houses in Kehlegg, Austria

The Kehlegg project is a new housing development on a difficult plot with a steep north-facing slope, but with a good view of Lake Constance, in a small village at the edge of the mountains near the industrial town of Dornbirn in Vorarlberg. At the beginning, we worked intensively together with the real estate company Hefel on several volumetric proposals with different internal divisions and a variable number of dwellings. After consulting with the local authorities, we came to the conclusion that the 4 semi-detached houses approach is the best suited to the plot and the site conditions. 

The project consists of four similar units developed over three floors. The dwellings are accessed through the middle floor via an entrance and a carport under the south-facing terrace. On this floor are the day rooms, kitchen and living room. On the upper floor there are three bedrooms, and on the lower floor a multifunctional room in contact with the garden.

The wooden construction and the way it sits on the site, as well as a few small accents of colour at the entrance to the dwellings, give the building scale and character.