2022_Housing Project in Kneippgasse, Götzis, Austria

A brief description of the proposal:

The urban requirements, the orientation of the plot and some architectural aspects of the surrounding buildings, drive us to develop a proposal that, with its fan shape, allows the creation of a new and more attractive building.

This fan shape, so to speak, reduces the presence of the volume towards the street by playing with the movement of the façades, and achieves a certain degree of privacy in the outdoor areas of the dwellings. Following the course of the sun, the building offers a variety of shapes and different levels, taking advantage of the dimensions and the tight geometry of the plot.

The children’s areas are divided into three zones, whose size and shape guarantee high quality areas. Trees will help to create pleasant shaded and play grounds for the children.

The access is on the north-east side of the building, defined by a canopy that combines the car entrance to the garage with a pathway for pedestrians and bicycles. In the entrance areas to the flats on all floors, the exterior and interior merge to form a semi-public zone.