2015 Therapy Centre in Rüthi, Switzerland

Architectural concept

The whole is greater als the sum of its parts

The main concept of this project is the integration into the environment and to set four very different objects with a unic purpose: a Therapy Centre for the small village of Rüthi in the Rhin Valley, at the East border of Switzerland. The old Guest House (Gasthaus) with its old barn (Scheune), the new edifice for rooms and the semi-buried part planned for the therapy areas are internally linked. Their volumes are visually individualized, setting back a distance but strengthening the whole. A respectful rehabilitation dignifies the old buildings and along with the new uses their life-span will be longer implemented.

To build thinking in the future and with a high spatial quality is our ecological concept. That means to take care of the environment using natural ressources and local constructive solutions as well as reducing the energy demand. Traditional technics and materials like lime stucco, porous mortars, wood structure and green roofs and water als therapy will provide a confortable atmosphere.