2008 Open Competition Tourist Reception Center, San Juan de Dios Convent in Olivenza, Badajoz


This project comes from the way of understanding the place and the relationship between use and time. Throughout the long common biography of the bastion and the convent, not always successful interventions have been transforming their appearance and their uses, adapting and sheltering within their walls the uses which were more demanding: convent, hospital, headquarters or school.

The proposed refurbishment of the Convent consist primarily in cleaning additions and in matching spaces to new uses with an elementary logic. The second objective is consolidate the bastion as a public park, based on its condition of a round path and the priviledge position on the landscape: a garden that evokes tradition, a driveway soft Italian ramp, a plain walk and a descent stair, accompanied by hedges of different species, myrtle, lavender, broom, rosemary, durum, which run between paths that offer twists, stops or new routes.