Schule Ebenholz Vaduz (FL)

Schule Ebenholz Vaduz (FL)

In collaboration with the office Hüssy + Mayer (Urs Hüssy and Uli Mayer), Triesen (FL) we have participated in the competition of the renovation and extension of the School Ebenholz in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The project includes a lightly refurbished former old building, a totally renovated school surrounded by wide terraces, an extension of the former gym with the same structure principle as the existing one and a new day-school, half buried due to the steep slope, with an open light pavilion on top. Every edifice has its own character but belonging to a unique constellation. White-concrete-prefabricated-facade-elements and colourful ceilings give unity to...

Leutbühel Bregenz (A)

Along with Stefano Presi (Vicenza) and Javier Fernandez Alen (Bregenz), we have participated in the Urban Competition of the Leutbüchel Areal in Bregenz. Our proposal paved the whole area with cobblestones and stone slabs taking care of existing lines and organizing specific areas. We replace the old fountain as a hinge in Leutbüchel square, recalling the italian Piazza de la Signoria-Piazza delle Erbe. A set of Baum-Brunne-Bank (Tree-Fountain-Bench) points out certain places, providing pleasant stops along the irregular streets of the old city. Two long distance perspectives to a prominent but empty old dividing wall gave us the idea to...

Gloria Architektin Vorarlberg (A)

In January 2016 Gloria Ochoa became member of the Architektenkammer Vorarlberg-Tirol. She joins a select group of women architects from these two austrian regions. She has been invited to the 2016 Architecture Meeting Vorarlberg-Tirol that took place at the on-work big hall for congresses, designed by the office Marte-Marte, for the Congress Areal Dornbirn (A).

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